Wine made way, way cooler

Deliciously boozy, fruity frozen treats just for adults

Ice pops, all grown up

Deliciously boozy popsicles made just for adults

A naturally delicious getaway, anywhere

Naturally delicious wine popsicles, ready for anything

We’re so excited we might just pop

Perfectly natural wine popsicles with seriously grownup taste

Four flavors that’ll take you away

American Champagne, Rose, and Pinot Noir wine pops with just a dash of natural fruit juice: the perfect boozy, frozen escape from the everyday.



Mellow, light and fruity Rosé turns it up a notch when it joins the eye-popping tanginess of ruby red grapefruit for a day at the beach.


Puckery-sweet pineapple meets effervescent American Champagne to transform your average Tuesday into a sparkling tropical escape.


The mysteriously bold and refreshing pomegranate finds its soul mate in a deep, dark, rich Pinot Noir. Exotic rendezvous ensues.


A timeless classic that never fails to dazzle. Sunny, sweet citrus-next-door reunites with sparkly, dry American Champagne. Like a sip of Fred and Ginger.

Naturally delicious, temptingly tipsy frozen treats

1/2 glass of wine per pop

6.5-6.8% ABV

Vegans love us

All-natural, naturally

Our story

Travelers. Wayfarers. Occasional hitchhikers. We were born with wanderlust. And some of our best times were spur-of-the-moment, pack-an-overnight, close-your-eyes-and-point-at-the-map adventures. It’s the same with how we created Tipsypop. Spontaneity was the mother of this invention.

How do we revisit the flavors from our travels, even when we’re just hanging out in our backyard? By taking our absolute favorite flavors, places, fruits and wines from our travels and combining them into a boozy, yummy frozen treat. For delicious fun and adventure. Wherever you may find it.

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